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The 2017 growing season saw many challenges for growers in Ontario from too wet, to just about right for a couple of areas that would have like a bit of rain. Temperatures for the most part were advantageous for strawberry production this season and it appears most growers were relatively happy with their strawberry production this season. Raspberries was a whole other beast with many growers suffering from SWD issues in the summer crop and the fall crop was delayed extensively due to the cooler start in April and May translating to below normal yields. The challenges that growers face do not seem to lessen as the years go by and is becoming increasingly difficult to manage the disease and insect issues with a rapidly depleting toolbox. However growers in Ontario are a resilient bunch and I know that they will find ways to meet these challenges and move their business forward.

Again this year most of the plants we will have available will be coming from nurseries in the USA so pricing will be reflective of the exchange rate and shipping rates to get here. As well not all the varieties we used to grow are grown by other nurseries so some of those varieties will no longer be available.

The berry plants we will have available are strawberry and raspberry and we will continue to have asparagus and rhubarb crowns for sale as well. We will however only be handling commercial size orders so the minimum order for strawberries is 1 thousand per variety, raspberries is 150 per variety, asparagus is 400 and rhubarb is 50. These minimums can be seen on the price list as well.

Thanks again for your business and if you have suggestions on how we can better serve you please let us know.

The Strawberry Tyme Team

Picking Carriers For Sale
Picking carrier made from cold, rolled steel rod. Must be ordered early for spring delivery. Call Strawberry Tyme Farms 519-426-3099 $24.00 each.

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There are a number of publications with information on cultural management, spray programs and weed control. The following may be of interest to you.

1. The strawberry in Ontario,
OMAF Publication #513
3. Guide to Weed Control,
OMAF Publication #75
2. Fruit Production Recommendations,
OMAF Publication #360
4. Fruit Cultivators,
OMAF Publications #430

These publications are available through your local county OMAF office.



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