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Please read the terms and conditions here!

CLAIMS: If there are any problems with your plants and you are not satisfied with them, please contact us immediately. Any claims must be received by our office no later than July 1 of the summer the plants were received.

WARRANTY/DISCLAIMER: By acceptance of the product the customer agrees not to hold Strawberry Tyme Farms Inc. responsible for disease, genetic disorders, off types, failure of performance, mislabelling or otherwise.
The customer acknowledges that Strawberry Tyme Farms Inc. makes no warranty express or implied as to the plants viability or availability. The customers sole remedy as against Strawberry Tyme Farms Inc. for any of the above mentioned shall at no time whatsoever exceed the price actually paid by the purchaser for the plants.
No grower, dealer, nursery or any other person or company is authorized to give any express or implied warranty or to accept any financial responsibility on behalf of Strawberry Tyme Farms Inc.

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