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Welcome to Strawberry Tyme Farms Inc. your number one source for virus indexed, superior quality, Ontario grown, small fruit plants.

We are the only small fruit plant nursery in Ontario to offer plants grown under the guidelines of the Ontario plant propagation program.

   Well another year has passed and it`s time to start thinking and planting for next season.
The 2009 season in our area was one for the record books, We experienced the coolest July on record. It may have been a challenging season for the warm weather crops like vegetables, but strawberry and raspberry plants seemed to thrive in this seasons weather.
   The strawberry plant crop looks good both from a quality and quantity standpoint. The raspberry canes have filled in the rows nicely with the September rains we seemed to get frequently. With the cooler than normal August it looks like the plants are headed for dormancy earlier than usual which should mean they are less susceptible to shocking temperature drops in the fall that can cause winter damage.

NEW SELECTIONS for  2010 limited trial planting
-  a late season variety from the Ontario breeding program similar in timing to Serenity.
Fruit is coned shaped, large, bright colour with good skin strength and berry firmness. Plants are hardy and seem to be tolerant of the leaf diseases. Yields of this variety in trials have been slightly less than Serenity.

V151 - this is an early season variety from the Ontario breeding program  and shows promise of early, and high yielding production of bright coloured fruit.

Wendy - this is a early season variety from the Nova Scotia breeding program and has shown large fruit and good firmness. Similar timing to Evangeline with higher yields. Plants are susceptible to Red Steele and moderately resistant to powdery mildew.

St. Pierre - this is a late season variety from the Quebec breeding program and it shows promise with a late, large, cone shaped berry, We suggest taking a look at this one if you want late production.

At Strawberry Tyme we value your business and we will strive to improve our product and service. We are fruit growers as well so we know the importance of a good start and how that can make a big difference to the bottom line.


all plants grown by us are treated with the amino acid `phca` which helps kick start the plants in the spring when planted.
   a follow up fertilizer program which includes `phca` is highly recommended to maximize the potential of the plant.

   ask us about this amazing fertilizer


There are a number of publications with information on cultural management, spray programs and weed control. The following may be of interest to you.

1. The strawberry in Ontario,
OMAF Publication #513
3. Guide to Weed Control,
OMAF Publication #75
2. Fruit Production Recommendations,
OMAF Publication #360
4. Fruit Cultivators,
OMAF Publications #430

These publications are available through your local county OMAF office.



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